Day One… a new project is born.

I often find that a good way to get started, in terms of getting anything down is to simply start writing.  Just let the words fall on the page.  This will usually end up being the equivalent of rubbing dirt all over a clean little league uniform after sitting on the bench the entire game… but hey at least I did something, right?

So this is me making my permanent mark on the interwebs.  What little I have to offer will hopefully fill these pages in the years to come to create a library of useful little snapshots of Kris’ geek side.

Perhaps grandchildren will one day mock the need for me to physically pound keys hunched over a desk, or maybe the hive-mind created by our iTunes brain chips will kill off all need for entertaining reading or technical research.

But, in order for anything to meet it’s end, it must first begin.  So I am asking for input.  Simply reply to make a request for a how-to video.

If you had an all purpose geek at your disposal what would you ask of him?  _____________________________________________________________________________________

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