Browsing securely with firefox extensions from kris wasserman on Vimeo.

When you park your car at the mall do you leave all of the windows down, keys in the ignition, and your wallet sitting on the passenger seat?  Of course not, then why do you do it when you’re browsing the web?  The next time I get a call because you clicked on something you shouldn’t have, or you decided to run the latest and greatest in fake anti-virus software I’m just going to format your hard drive and install linux on your machine with the edubuntu kidsafe packages installed to protect you from yourself.

Help me, help you.  Take 5 minutes to protect yourself from the evil doers out there on the interwebs and install these firefox extensions.

1. Adblock plus —
2. Adblock plus pop-up blocker —
3. Redirect Remover —
4. Browser protect —
5. WOT —
6. No Script —

They’re all free, and for the most part, easy to use.  The only add on that requires the use of anything north of your brain stem is the ‘No Script’ add on.  If you do not plan on reading the instructions for this one prior to installing it, please watch the video for a demonstration on how to use it.

Also covered in this video, tips about secure http transmission, and setting up temporary fake email addresses.

This video broke the record for my longest tutorial to date, but I felt that this is one of the more important topics that I will ever discuss on this site.  There are no safe neighborhoods on the internet.  All of the bad guys live right next door to you.

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