#MetadataMatters – What to do (and not do) when collecting ESI

Forensics in February

There are countless examples of recent cases wherein sanctions and adverse inference instructions were handed down to litigants due to improper collection procedures.

These have entailed everything from misguided self-collections, inadequate or missing chain-of-custody documentation, and even employees making material alterations to information they assumed would be damaging.

For a great article written by our friends over at Stroock, Stroock & Lavan that provides a primer for what you and your team should consider in advance of collecting data in the face of litigation click here

FREE WEBINAR – The Dangers of Self-Collecting! 
Register today to learn about pitfalls to be avoided in the early stages of the discovery process. Topics covered will consist of the latest best practices, pre-collection preparation, and vendor vetting.

Collin Bentley, Director of Digital Forensics at Superior Discovery, will be be on-hand to field questions regarding the latest industry trends and what to consider when dealing with social media or mobile device acquisitions. Click the Events button below for the agenda and more in-depth information.

Eventbrite - Dangers of Self Collecting - Forensics in February Webinar Series

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