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This site started as a side project to serve as a universal scratch-pad where I can save some of the custom tech related solutions that I’ve come up with over the years working as an e-discovery project manager. There was a time when I would spend my free time writing bash scripts, creating dashboards in MS-Access, and testing new ways of transferring millions of little files over a network to save precious milliseconds. (I was a catch).

Kris Wasserman work setup September 2nd 2011
There was a time when I used to get my hands really dirty… The image above is my work space back in 2012  

I’ve somehow managed to maintain this site over the years and as I’ve evolved into more of a human and less of a robot, so has this site. These days, I use this site to capture and record interesting or otherwise newsworthy events that are occurring in the legal technology space.  Hopefully some of the information stored here will be useful to someone else.

Currently, I work as a manager of project managers for an e-discovery and managed doc-review service provider (a mouthful, I know).  While at work I tend to wear too many hats to list (for fear of losing all potential readership), but the core of my responsibilities has me consulting with corporate legal departments and law firms to solve legal problems associated with managing data that may be used as evidence.

If you’re really interested in finding out more about me specifically, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, where my profile summary once read:

Change agent, workflow engineer, and passionate technologist constantly looking to collaborate and exchange ideas with like minded professionals in the legal, cyber-security, big data, and e-discovery verticals.

– An expert in a wide range of electronic discovery processing, hosting and managed review solutions. Proven track record of learning and training others on new applications, off-the-shelf and proprietary, in an expedited fashion including advanced analytical reporting and predictive coding solutions.

– Responsible for being the technical point of contact and solutions architect for the e-discovery sales team to assist with product demonstration, client training, RFPs, Master Service Agreements, and SOWs, while maintaining continuous documentation throughout entire sales funnel into project inception.

– Oversight internally to quantify, test and streamline operational workflow and interdepartmental communication. Responsible for building and maintaining custom internal project management CRM and ensuring compatibility with sales and billing divisions across multiple regions.

– Nearly 10 years of hands-on project management experience working with attorneys, paralegals, and litigation support managers within major corporations and law firms, providing case specific document management solutions and consulting services.

– Work directly with developers and SQL DBAs to spec, design and QA the roll out of new applications and features within proprietary ESI processing and analytic reporting utilities.

– Responsible for creating and maintaining standard operating procedures, change logs, and documentation for internal marketing, IT, disaster recovery, processing workflow, and sales presentations.

– In addition to primary project management responsibilities also called upon for innovative and creative thinking for the development of software, design of marketing materials, and overseeing the growth of the internal CRM database.

I’ve since condensed this messaging: “My mission is to help others make sense of, and leverage, the right technology with the right experts to make the data discovery process more intuitive and less cost prohibitive at every turn. (And, I love what I do!)”

I can also be found at:


Feel free to reach out to me directly using the form below:



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