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A New eDiscovery Podcast is Born!

A new eDiscovery podcast has launched recently featuring difference makers in the industry. eDiscovery veteran and entrepreneur, Brandon Law, sits down with some of the biggest names from law firms, corporate legal departments and service providers to discuss what makes them tick, how they found themselves in this kooky space, and tips for other professionals. From Brandon’s site:

2016-11-03_11-48-32This podcast isn’t for everyone, it’s for people that kinda love eDiscovery. If you secretly love it, but pretend like you hate it, that’s fine too, we won’t tell anyone. But if you don’t know what eDiscovery is, then you’re probably not going to get it.

Our industry is filled with incredible entrepreneurs, technologists, lawyers, judges, bloggers, consultants and project managers – yet, for some reason, we don’t get to hear from them very often. The DAT File is my attempt to dig a little deeper into the stories and ideas we don’t hear nearly enough of.

There are two types of interviews on the podcast – Guests and Company Profiles. Guests are invited by me (Brandon) and tend to focus on the personal stories and opinions of the guest. Although they may talk about their current employer or the projects their working on, the focus is really on them. The other type of show – a company profile – highlights the interesting things an organization is doing. These shows focus less on the person being interviewed and more on the cool stuff they’re working on.

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Cost to Redact 10,000 Docs?

Assume you have 10,000 documents that average 6 pages each. Let us also pretend that we have an attorney on hand that can redact one page every every three minutes. Let’s also say this attorney charges $55 an hour for her services, and an identical attorney will be double checking each redaction for accuracy at a pace of 200 pages per hour.

If every page required redaction and all the variables held true across the entire life of the project, the total out of pocket expense for redacting 60,000 pages would run just over $180,000.

The key to cutting costs is to increase the pace of applying each redaction, increasing the accuracy to reduce time spent performing quality control checks, and reducing the cost of the hourly rate. To get a sense of what attorney rates are for 2017 check out the Salary Guide published yearly by Parker + Lynch at

Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet that exists in the tech industry that will automatically do all the work for us. There are some great tools available that assist with identifying and redacting specific text strings and patterns, but at the end of the day, this is still a manual process that is often very precise in nature.

When dealing with large volumes of information that require redaction the most cost-effective and accurate solutions available will be found from service providers that can blend the best technology available with the right group of experienced attorneys. To see how one provider addressed some of these challenges check out the recently released case study found at

Are wearables at work a risky business?

Are wearables at work a risky business?

Wearables are everywhere, and they’re beginning to cover everything from the wearers’ exact location and physical activity to their heartbeat and sleep patterns. This year has seen the Apple Watch added to the wrists of those already with smartphones, while hiking watches from the likes of Garmin have joined activity trackers. There are even some workers using Google Glass.

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Evaluating the demise of ‘Safe Harbour’:

Evaluating the demise of ‘Safe Harbour’: what’s next for privacy and consent?

In a post-Safe Harbor regulatory world, giants like Google might have the resources in place to quickly implement procedural changes around user data flows and building-out additional European data centers to process regional data – but what’s the answer for smaller enterprises?

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the trial of a software entrepreneur….

…that rocked the technology world.2015-12-16_14-12-01.jpg

The first-ever person to be convicted for advertising and selling a mobile spyware app, Hammad Akbar, speaks exclusively to Information Age about how other tech start-ups can learn from his mistakes

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Average price for data breach = $3.8M

According to a recent report from Deloitte, the average cost of a data breach increased by 23% between 2013 and 2015, with an average price tag of nearly $3.8 million per breach. Read the article here:


EU’s new data law and email marketing

What email marketers should know about the EU’s new data law

All businesses that send emails to a predefined database will be affected by the new GDPR bill – so how can they prepare ahead of time?

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