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Windows Explorer Win7 menus missing
What happened to the menus in Windows Explorer?


Being that Microsoft decided to wait something just short of an eon to release a new version of it’s operating system many people have become extremely comfortable with windows XP.  Even though Windows 7 has been around for some time now, it’s finally starting to penetrate the marketplace on a large enough scale to mess with the Mom’s and Dad’s of the world.

To view the old “File – Edit – View – Tools” pull down menus in Windows Explorer simply press the ALT key on your keyboard.

Windows Explorer Pull Down Menus
Press the ALT key on your keyboard to view XP style pull down menus in explorer






HOW TO: ROTATE TEXT (PowerPoint 2007)


(Change the video size to fullscreen and the quality to HD in order to view the video in actual size)

During one of my union required coffee breaks I was shooting the breeze with a friend in the same office building as myself.  I have often commiserated with her over the many long hours that I have spent working on various PowerPoint presentations.  It wasn’t long before the Q&A started.

Microsoft has made a number of changes to the user interface in recent Office releases which has left the people who don’t use the application on a daily basis almost entirely in the dark.  The menu bar has been replaced entirely by what is now called ‘The Ribbon”.  The trick to the ribbon is knowing that the menu options and features that are displayed can and will change depending on what you select.

This short video will show how to grab and rotate text in a couple of different ways.  First by simply dragging the green rotate ball that is displayed at the top of a selected text box. If you were to hold down the shift key while rotating you’ll notice that the rotation will snap into place as opposed to freely turning on point.  This option is great if you quickly need a perfect right angle rotation.

If you really want to be precise, the other option is to select the text box and use the rotate feature from the “FORMAT” menu on the ribbon.


Day One… a new project is born.

I often find that a good way to get started, in terms of getting anything down is to simply start writing.  Just let the words fall on the page.  This will usually end up being the equivalent of rubbing dirt all over a clean little league uniform after sitting on the bench the entire game… but hey at least I did something, right?

So this is me making my permanent mark on the interwebs.  What little I have to offer will hopefully fill these pages in the years to come to create a library of useful little snapshots of Kris’ geek side.

Perhaps grandchildren will one day mock the need for me to physically pound keys hunched over a desk, or maybe the hive-mind created by our iTunes brain chips will kill off all need for entertaining reading or technical research.

But, in order for anything to meet it’s end, it must first begin.  So I am asking for input.  Simply reply to make a request for a how-to video.

If you had an all purpose geek at your disposal what would you ask of him?  _____________________________________________________________________________________