How Private is Your Private Data

How Private is Your Private Data When It Comes to eDiscovery?

Home Depot, IRS, Chase, and Ashley Madison — no one is safe anymore from security breaches or data privacy leaks. It is not a matter of ‘if’ but generally a matter of when some form of your private data will be compromised. A breach always truly reveals how private that ‘private’ data really is. Let’s take a moment and discuss some of the potential privacy breaches when it comes to eDiscovery.

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How to Choose an E-Discovery Vendor

How to Choose an E-Discovery Vendor

Tips, plus a glossary, to help you choose an e-discovery provider.

A payday loan dispute before Delaware’s Court of Chancery went awry when the lender failed to produce critical electronically stored information: the interest rates it charged.


Pressed by the court after numerous twists and turns—including a ruling that the defendant had based a motion for dismissal on a false assertion—the lead defense counsel made a confession. “I am not computer literate,” he said. “I have not found presence in the cybernetic revolution. I need a secretary to help me turn on the computer. This was out of my bailiwick.”

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Investor Hits eDiscovery Firm with Lawsuit

A large investor in the eDiscovery vendor, Epiq Systems, has sued the company and its board of directors in Missouri state court for a breach of fiduciary duty.


Filed in Jackson County, Missouri late on Friday, the plaintiffs – New Orleans investment fund St. Denis J. Villere & Co. and one of its partners George Young — are seeking declaratory and injunctive relief to move forward with the nomination of a slate of six directors.

The suit was also attached to a Securities and Exchange Commission 13D filing, that stated Villere & Co. owns 14.01 percent of the company.

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More organizations are hiring senior info-gov officials

More organizations are hiring senior information governance officials.

In part as a response to cybersecurity incidents, according to the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) 2015-2016 Annual Report. The study reveals that many of these organizations have multiple ongoing IG projects, and the majority of IG providers predict 20 percent growth or more in revenue. Read the details here:


Major benefits of big data for 2016

It’s hard to think of many industries that have more sensitive data than financial services. Although the term “Big Data” seems to be met with more groans and eye rolls than a parent speaking with a teenager, there are some major benefits to big data in banking, and business in general, that we will begin to see embraced in 2016.

Advanced technologies such as Hadoop, Spark hardware acceleration, TIBCO, SAS, and Oracle appliances are just a few tools that are allowing organizations greater insight into their data. The benefits to be recognized in financial services are immense as they rely on technology to handle the increased regulatory requirements and customers’ demands with far less staff.

Financial institutions have always had vast amounts of private customer data, but until recently parsing that information and using it in a way that could show direct return on investment has been difficult at best. Advanced analytics and predictive technology now allows institutions to use data to target clients for additional services and initiate marketing messages to the right customer at the right time. Customer offers based on location, purchases, or even tweets bemoaning their current banking relationship, can all be used as triggers to further engage existing clients, and can also be used to gain new ones. Data mining, which used to be a multi-month process, can now be done in moments and even beforehand based on patterns of activity and purchases.

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Legaltech News Top Story – eQ Partners with kCura

Legaltech News published an article on eQ’s addition of Relativity to its core offerings. The article was featured as the first item in the “Top News” section of the Legaltech News homepage!

The market for e-discovery solutions is growing at an unprecedented pace, and providers continue to both arise and assimilate in the effort to provide unmatched, innovative solutions. On Dec. 14, e-discovery solutions and managed services provider eQ announced the addition of kCura’s Relativity to its platform offerings. Officials from eQ – a division of workforce solutions and legal counseling provider Special Counsel – said in a statement that the move will enable the company “to provide clients with deeper insight into their data, control costs, and reduce risk associated with the review lifecycle.”

“The eQ team has extensive experience working with Relativity over hundreds of cases throughout the years,” EQ national senior vice president Christopher Gallagher told Legaltech News. “Bringing Relativity in-house puts our team in a better position to offer flexible solutions customized to client needs on a case by case basis without having to rely on external support.”

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