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When you park your car at the mall do you leave all of the windows down, keys in the ignition, and your wallet sitting on the passenger seat?  Of course not, then why do you do it when you’re browsing the web?  The next time I get a call because you clicked on something you shouldn’t have, or you decided to run the latest and greatest in fake anti-virus software I’m just going to format your hard drive and install linux on your machine with the edubuntu kidsafe packages installed to protect you from yourself.

Help me, help you.  Take 5 minutes to protect yourself from the evil doers out there on the interwebs and install these firefox extensions.

1. Adblock plus —
2. Adblock plus pop-up blocker —
3. Redirect Remover —
4. Browser protect —
5. WOT —
6. No Script —

They’re all free, and for the most part, easy to use.  The only add on that requires the use of anything north of your brain stem is the ‘No Script’ add on.  If you do not plan on reading the instructions for this one prior to installing it, please watch the video for a demonstration on how to use it.

Also covered in this video, tips about secure http transmission, and setting up temporary fake email addresses.

This video broke the record for my longest tutorial to date, but I felt that this is one of the more important topics that I will ever discuss on this site.  There are no safe neighborhoods on the internet.  All of the bad guys live right next door to you.


One of the best oversights in clever programming ever has got to be Apple’s auto-correct feature.  It’s almost as if the spell check software was replaced by Freud.  So you’ve been texting back and forth with someone and your phone decided it was smarter than you and inserted the text you meant to say.   Now you need to take a screenshot of your conversation and share it with world.  To do so, hold down the home button (the only round button on the face of the phone).  While holding down the home button, tap the ‘wake/sleep’ button on the top of the phone.  You’ll see the screen flash to let you know that the screen contents have been captured.  Jump back to your home screen and launch the camera or photos app, and you’ll see your photo.  Now upload that thing to facebook and make mom proud!


xxcopy “k:\foo” “k:\bar” /e /tc /h /bb /k /pb /yy /oN..\barfoo.log

/e           ==           copy all files and folders recursively
/tc          ==           do not modify date and time stamps (create, mod, and access)
/h           ==           include hidden files
/bb         ==           skip file if it already exists
/k            ==           preserve source permissions
/pb         ==           display progress bar
/yy         ==           automatically reply “YES” to all prompts
/oN..\barfoo.log    ==           create a logfile in the directory above working directory named barfoo.log

( go to to download the latest version of xxcopy )

When running my own copy jobs I typically disregard the ‘Progress Bar’ switch because it has to sit there and calculate the number of files about to be copied (useless to us geeks). Eliminating the /PB switch allows the copy process to begin immediately.

If you want to get real clever create a batch file containing a single xxcopy command for each folder that you want to copy, and create a script to launch each one individually.

Copy Script 1:
xxcopy k:\copytest1 k:\outputtest1 /e /tc /h /bb /k /yy /oNcopy00.log

Copy Script 2:
xxcopy k:\copytest2 k:\outputtest2 /e /tc /h /bb /k /yy /oNcopy02.log

Copy Script 3:
xxcopy k:\copytest3 k:\outputtest3 /e /tc /h /bb /k /yy /oNcopy03.log

Launch Copy Scripts Script:
@echo off
##create destination folder structure
xxcopy k:\copytest k:\outputtest /t
##call on individual copy scripts
start call k:\bat0.bat
start call k:\bat1.bat
start call k:\bat2.bat
start call k:\bat3.bat
start call k:\bat4.bat
start call k:\bat5.bat
start call k:\bat6.bat
start call k:\bat7.bat
start call k:\bat8.bat
##kill unnecessary shells
taskkill /im cmd.exe /f

( Change video quality to HD/720p to watch in full screen )


find . -type f -iname “*.TXT” -exec sed -i ‘s/<< …-.-…….. >>//g’ ‘{}’ \;
*Assuming original Bates number uses the following format ABC-X-01234567

Depending on how cygwin is configured be sure to convert files back to ‘DOS’ format after using sed
find . -type f -iname “*.TXT” -exec unix2dos ‘{}’ \;

The find command is good if your files are not organized in a cleanly numbered subfolder structure, or are mixed in with other file types.  Usually simply globbing will do the trick a bit faster:

sed -i ‘s/foo/bar/g’ IMAGES/00/0[0-9]/*.TXT ; unix2dos IMAGES/00/0[0-9]/*.TXT

sed ==



Windows Explorer Win7 menus missing
What happened to the menus in Windows Explorer?


Being that Microsoft decided to wait something just short of an eon to release a new version of it’s operating system many people have become extremely comfortable with windows XP.  Even though Windows 7 has been around for some time now, it’s finally starting to penetrate the marketplace on a large enough scale to mess with the Mom’s and Dad’s of the world.

To view the old “File – Edit – View – Tools” pull down menus in Windows Explorer simply press the ALT key on your keyboard.

Windows Explorer Pull Down Menus
Press the ALT key on your keyboard to view XP style pull down menus in explorer






HOW TO: ROTATE TEXT (PowerPoint 2007)


(Change the video size to fullscreen and the quality to HD in order to view the video in actual size)

During one of my union required coffee breaks I was shooting the breeze with a friend in the same office building as myself.  I have often commiserated with her over the many long hours that I have spent working on various PowerPoint presentations.  It wasn’t long before the Q&A started.

Microsoft has made a number of changes to the user interface in recent Office releases which has left the people who don’t use the application on a daily basis almost entirely in the dark.  The menu bar has been replaced entirely by what is now called ‘The Ribbon”.  The trick to the ribbon is knowing that the menu options and features that are displayed can and will change depending on what you select.

This short video will show how to grab and rotate text in a couple of different ways.  First by simply dragging the green rotate ball that is displayed at the top of a selected text box. If you were to hold down the shift key while rotating you’ll notice that the rotation will snap into place as opposed to freely turning on point.  This option is great if you quickly need a perfect right angle rotation.

If you really want to be precise, the other option is to select the text box and use the rotate feature from the “FORMAT” menu on the ribbon.


Day One… a new project is born.

I often find that a good way to get started, in terms of getting anything down is to simply start writing.  Just let the words fall on the page.  This will usually end up being the equivalent of rubbing dirt all over a clean little league uniform after sitting on the bench the entire game… but hey at least I did something, right?

So this is me making my permanent mark on the interwebs.  What little I have to offer will hopefully fill these pages in the years to come to create a library of useful little snapshots of Kris’ geek side.

Perhaps grandchildren will one day mock the need for me to physically pound keys hunched over a desk, or maybe the hive-mind created by our iTunes brain chips will kill off all need for entertaining reading or technical research.

But, in order for anything to meet it’s end, it must first begin.  So I am asking for input.  Simply reply to make a request for a how-to video.

If you had an all purpose geek at your disposal what would you ask of him?  _____________________________________________________________________________________

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