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A New eDiscovery Podcast is Born!

A new eDiscovery podcast has launched recently featuring difference makers in the industry. eDiscovery veteran and entrepreneur, Brandon Law, sits down with some of the biggest names from law firms, corporate legal departments and service providers to discuss what makes them tick, how they found themselves in this kooky space, and tips for other professionals. From Brandon’s site:

2016-11-03_11-48-32This podcast isn’t for everyone, it’s for people that kinda love eDiscovery. If you secretly love it, but pretend like you hate it, that’s fine too, we won’t tell anyone. But if you don’t know what eDiscovery is, then you’re probably not going to get it.

Our industry is filled with incredible entrepreneurs, technologists, lawyers, judges, bloggers, consultants and project managers – yet, for some reason, we don’t get to hear from them very often. The DAT File is my attempt to dig a little deeper into the stories and ideas we don’t hear nearly enough of.

There are two types of interviews on the podcast – Guests and Company Profiles. Guests are invited by me (Brandon) and tend to focus on the personal stories and opinions of the guest. Although they may talk about their current employer or the projects their working on, the focus is really on them. The other type of show – a company profile – highlights the interesting things an organization is doing. These shows focus less on the person being interviewed and more on the cool stuff they’re working on.

To check out the latest podcasts go to www.TheDatFile.com



Nuix 101: Replace an Encrypted Zip

This video will show you how to replace an encrypted zip file in your Nuix Case.

To see more Nuix how to videos visit their Youtube playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL63768553A2B1803F

Various Viewpoint Document Viewers

Learn how to use Viewpoint’s different document viewers.

For more information about eQ visit www.DiscovereQ.com

Customizing Viewpoint Layouts

Understanding how to find, dock and navigate Viewpoint’s available interface panels; and how to save your layout.

Click the expand button to view full screen.

Viewpoint Message Board

How and when to use Viewpoint’s message board.

2015-10-30_13-45-08Click the expand button to view in full screen mode.

Additional DiscoverEQ.com Resources: https://www.discovereq.com/ediscovery-resources/

Essential eDiscovery Extras: Unlock Virtual Desktops in Win7+

Being a bit of a linux and mac geek I’ve always loved the feature baked in to the OS that allowed me have multiple virtual work spaces.  However, working in eDiscovery I’m largely forced to live and die in a Windows environment. (Although I can still get my unix command line through Cygwin).

After reading a post recently, titled How I get Work Done at Work (http://j.mp/neato_work), a simple google search found the following article from our friends at HowToGeek.com

Get Virtual Desktops

While Microsoft’s Virtual Desktops PowerToy hasn’t worked since Windows XP, they do provide another tool that will let you use virtual desktops on modern versions of Windows. The tool is small, lightweight, and free. You don’t have to pay up, deal with nag screens, or deal with a cluttered application to use them.

Download Desktops v2.0 from MIcrosoft’s Windows Sysinternals site. Sysinternals was once a third-party collection of tools, but the Sysinternals tools are so useful and powerful that Microsoft bought them all a few years ago. If you’re a Windows power user, you should get familiar with the SysInternals tools. Most of them are powerful system utilities full of useful information — not small tools like this one.

Unlock Virtual Desktops on Windows 7 or 8 With This Microsoft Tool
Unlock Virtual Desktops on Windows 7 or 8 With This Microsoft Tool

Special Counsel’s eQ is Hiring eDiscovery Project Managers

@DiscoverEq is Hiring eDiscovery Project Managers & Coordinators in the following cities: https://www.discovereq.com/local-ediscovery-services/

Connect with me on LinkedIn to find out more: www.linkedin.com/in/kriswasserman/

If you know hard drives, tape back-up systems and electronic data exchange protocols from A to Z, you won’t necessarily make a good eDiscovery Project Manager. If you’re a legal professional, intimately familiar with the laws and regulations governing a specific issue in a specific jurisdiction, you may not make a good eDiscovery Project Manager, either. If you’re a 20-year veteran of corporate or law firm management and administration, you can fall flat on your face trying to manage an electronic discovery monstrosity. If you consider yourself a budgeting expert, good for you-but don’t consider yourself a shoo-in for this job.

If you’re all of the above, you still might not make it as an eDiscovery Project Manager. In today’s multimillion-dollar, multimillion-document lawsuits and regulatory inquiries, the ideal PMs are a new, absolutely unique breed.

Technician? Paralegal? Genie in a Bottle?

– See more at:http://j.mp/EDD-PM

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