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#MetadataMatters: A Legal Lesson in Love from @SaraJodka

For a timely and relevant update about workplace romance and love contracts check out Sara Jodka’s two part article titled: 

Avoid Picking Up the Pieces of a Broken Heart with a Love Contract

Lovers BewareValentine’s Day is drawing near. You know, that magical time of the year when bad tasting, heart-shaped confections and red roses are everywhere you look, including the workplace. Of course, an employer’s non-fraternization policy will do little to stop two adults from taking their relationship to the next level. Though office relationships on occasion may lead to good  things for the employees involved like diamond ring purchases, white weddings, and gender-neutral nursery décor, more frequently they lead to problems for employers such as claims of favoritism, reduced productivity, ethical problems, and sexual harassment claims, just to name a few.

Even in cases where the consensual nature of the relationship is patently obvious, jilted employees still may try to seek retribution against former lovers through the legal system. It’s the employers, however, that end up caught in ex-lover crossfire and typically bear the financial brunt of office romances gone bad. [READ MORE…]

Sara H Jodka
Sara H. Jodka

Sara Hutchins Jodka is a management-side labor and employment attorney with Porter Wright Morris & Arthur in Columbus, Ohio. She has significant experience representing employers in all facets of employment-related litigation. Follow her on Twitter, The Technology Law Source Blog, and More

She recently published a great article about policies surrounding social media accounts owned by the deceased and offers a wealth of useful resources on how to pre-empt, avoid or otherwise react to a difficult situation that we seldom think about until it is too late.