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Technician? Paralegal? Genie in a Bottle?

Skills, Savvy & Something More: The New eDiscovery Project Manager

If you know hard drives, tape back-up systems and electronic data exchange protocols from A to Z, you won’t necessarily make a good electronic data discovery project manager. If you’re a legal professional, intimately familiar with the laws and regulations governing a specific issue in a specific jurisdiction, you may not make a good EDD manager, either. If you’re a 20-year veteran of corporate or law firm management and administration, you can fall flat on your face trying to manage an electronic discovery monstrosity. If you consider yourself a budgeting expert, good for you-but don’t consider yourself a shoo-in for this job.

If you’re all of the above, you still might not make it as an EDD project manager. In today’s multimillion-dollar, multimillion-document lawsuits and regulatory inquiries, the ideal PMs are a new, absolutely unique breed. [Keep Reading…]